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Air bag is divided into the compressed air bag and inflatable air bag,compressed air bag is mainly used in clothing, blankets and other household things;Inflatable air bags are normally used for filling packing, but our company produces air bags aslo called inflatable sleeping bags, is a new type of nylon fabric,processed into the leisure chairs (or bed), suitable for indoor, outdoor, park, office, wild, using in areas such as the swimming pool.It using the wind to inflate, easy for expansion and fold, easy to carry.
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Bereitstellung mit Airbags kostenlose Probe, Ningbo Norent Kunststoff Prouduct Co., Ltd einer der führenden Airbags Hersteller und Lieferanten in China ist, Großhandel angepasste, billige und des niedrigen Preises Airbags aus unserer Fabrik willkommen.

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